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Terms and Conditions

We / Our / Us refers to Choice Chauffeurs and any our approved sub-contractors.
You / Your refers to the person, body, firm or corporation, and the passengers, making the booking.
BA refers to Businesses Account holders who have an account facility with us.
Business refers to any corporate traveller.
B/C refers to the Booking Confirmation sent to you confirming our acceptance of your booking.
En-route refers to the Chauffeur being on way to the pick-up/drop off location.
Base Area refers to our office located in Bournemouth.
Outbound refers to a journey starting in or near the Base Area.
Inbound refers to a journey ending in or near the Base Area.
Adult refers to the legally responsible person(s) for any child or vulnerable person within the group of passengers.

When making a booking it is deemed that you have accepted these Terms and Conditions and therefore entered into a contract with Choice Chauffeurs.

1) Prices are reviewed yearly and take effect from 1st January each year. We reserve the right to increase prices at any time due to circumstances beyond our control.
Thirty days written notice will be provided to all BA’s.
2) Prices quoted include one hours waiting time from time of arrival/landing – apart from Southampton & Bournemouth Airports which are a half hour.
3) Prices quoted are based upon information provided by you at the time of booking or enquiry. We reserve the right to amend the price should the journey differ from your original booking instructions.
4) Prices shown on any media are based on journeys starting or ending in our Bournemouth Office. Location surcharges may apply.
5) Surcharges will apply for the following, specific costs are available upon request:-
All Bank & Public holidays
Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve
Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day
If the driver is on the road between 23:00 – 05:00 (Unsocial Hours).
Prices are quoted in Sterling(GBP) and are valid for bookings confirmed within thirty(30) days of enquiry except for circumstances indicated earlier in Section 3.3.
Prices are not currently subject to VAT.

1) A non-returnable £50 deposit (depending on circumstances) will be required for all wedding bookings on acceptance of quotation.
2) Any prior disbursements made by us on your behalf will be charged at the same time as deposit.

1) Wherever possible a B/C will be sent prior to your date of travel by email. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information that it contains is correct and to inform us of any errors or changes otherwise additional charges will be incurred. Should a hard copy of the booking be required this can be supplied at the cost of £5.

Payment can be made & received by any of the following method:-
1) By BACS / Cash / Credit Card (by Terminal in the car).
2) BACS payment 7 days prior to travel.
3) Cash & Credit Card payment on the day of travel.
4) If additional costs have arisen prior to travel we will endeavour to inform you before you make final payment. Alternatively, this must be paid in cash at the time of travel.
5) Credit Cards registered outside of the UK & Europe will be subject to a transaction fee. Written details are available on request.
6) Should additional costs be incurred by Choice Chauffeurs i.e. additional waiting time and all car park charges these will be liable for payment in cash at the time. Account holders will be invoiced accordingly.
7) If we are made aware of a delayed arrival, waiting time will commence from the revised arrival time provided the chauffeur has not already left the base area. If the chauffeur has already left
their base then waiting time will commence from the original ETA.

1) Terms of payment are negotiated with individual businesses upon creation of account.
2) On creation of an account we accept that you have read and accepted out Terms & Conditions.
2) Account balances must be settled by BACS or agreed alternative payment.
3) The BA is responsible for all bookings, genuine or fraudulent, made on the account.
4) If you are late in paying your account there maybe a charge added to the original invoice depending on the circumstances.
5) If repeated requests for payment have no success, then the account will be suspended and the relevant steps will be taken to recover the debt.

In the event that you have to cancel your booking the following charges will apply:-
1)If the booking is cancelled due to Covid 19 government instructions any cancellation fee applicable is not payable
Non BA’s
1) More than 24 hours prior to chauffeur enroute – 25% of Booking Price.
2) Less than 24 hours prior to chauffeur enroute – 50 % of Booking Price.
3) If chauffeur is enroute – 100 % of Booking Price plus costs incurred in waiting time and parking charges.
4) Any prior disbursements made by us on your behalf will be charged in addition to the above charges.
5) On receipt of the invoice it is your responsibility to let us know of any errors. If you don’t inform us there could be additional charges if factual information is wrong.
1) More than 24 hours prior to chauffeur enroute – Administration Charge.
2) Less than 24 hours prior to chauffeur enroute – 50 % of Booking Price.
3) If chauffeur is enroute – 100 % of Booking Price plus costs incurred in waiting time and parking charges will apply unless the chauffeur is within the base area when the cancellation is received. A charge of 50% would apply in this instance. This charge of 50% would also apply if the chauffeur has already completed an outbound drop at the specified destination and the returning journey is cancelled. Any additional costs incurred for waiting time and car parking charges would also apply in this instance.
4) Any prior disbursements made by Choice Chauffeurs on your behalf will be charged in addition to the above charges.
5) In the event that we have to cancel:
If due to actions or instructions from the Emergency Services, Government Agencies, Statutory Bodies, Transport Companies or any manmade or natural event beyond our control we will bear no liability for any losses or costs incurred by you.
If due to actions within our control you miss your onward travel then our liability will be limited to full reimbursement of any monies paid to us or, in the case of AH, no charge for that leg of travel.
Choice Chauffeurs will not be liable for any onward travel costs.
6) In the event of any delays the following charges will apply:
If we have been provided inaccurate travel details at the time of booking.
Waiting Time is calculated from time of traveller’s arrival at the airport. Excess waiting time will commence one hour after arrival. Excess waiting time will be charged at 30-minute intervals or part thereof. Waiting time will be charged at a rate of £15 per half hour or part thereof.
7) We will bear no liability for any losses or other costs incurred by you should the Chauffeur, due to actions beyond our control, be unavoidably delayed in arriving at pick up or drop off location.

1) We have a no food policy in our vehicles.
2) If you need to eat during the journey, please inform us when making the booking so that time can be allowed for a stop(s).
3) In the event of the vehicle being soiled or damaged by you then you will be liable for all reasonable cleaning and/or repair costs.

1) The Chauffeur will load and unload the luggage; however it is your responsibility to ensure that all items of luggage have been loaded and unloaded into and from the vehicle otherwise additional charges may apply to recover.
2) We are not responsible for any damage to personal items contained within luggage.
3) One piece of medium sized luggage (approx 25kg) and one piece of hand luggage per passenger is included in the price. Larger numbers or oversized/overweight luggage must be agreed prior to travelling (additional cost may be incurred).
4) We reserve the right to refuse any items considered too heavy or oversized.

1) Children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult. In either case proof of age may be required
2) The behaviour of children is the sole responsibility of the accompanying adult.
3) Booster Cushions & Child Seats to be provided by the hirer. In all cases you are responsible for ensuring that any Child Seat has been correctly fitted before use.
4) Storage charges may be incurred.
5) A vulnerable person should always be accompanied by a responsible adult unless written instructions from you state otherwise.

We will not be liable for any injury or death to you or any loss or damage to your luggage caused wholly or partly by War (declared or not), civil riots, national emergency, labour strikes, adverse weather conditions or any other cause beyond our control.

1) We use the 24-hour clock format.
2) The safety of our Passengers and Chauffeurs is of paramount importance. We expect all passengers to behave with dignity and respect to each other and to the Chauffeurs. If not, this could result in your journey being halted or cancelled, in which case we will bear no liability for any losses or other costs incurred by you.
3) We may, where necessary, use approved sub-contractors to meet our obligation to you.
4) We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice.
5) These Terms and Conditions and all bookings shall be governed by and construed in accordance with UK law.
6) Choice Chauffeurs treats all client information and it’s storage seriously and comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 – please refer to our Privacy Policy.